National Security Missions

Lesson 3 addressed the core functions of each agency involved with national security. This lesson will focus on the key missions that require effective interagency coordination throughout the policy cycle to be successful. There are very few national security missions, or even individual agency functions that involve only one department or agency. Often there is overlapping responsibility or authorities even within a single agency. Further, policies, plans or actions taken to address one national security issue almost always impact other areas of national security. As a government, more can be achieved when integrated solutions, drawing on the expertise of all relevant departments and disciplines, are built to address national security issues. This applies within and across the stages of the policy process. The remainder of this lesson focuses on several national security missions that require effective interagency coordination to be successful—ones that involve multiple departments and agencies contributing their expertise, resources, and actions.

Washington, DC: Representatives Attending Earth Observation Summit. NASA Photo/Bill Ingalls